About Us

Fronted by singer and songwriters Bobby Galyan & Guy Jeans, the Lion I’s have been a part of the 805 music scene for the last decade. They have played extensively in California, and other parts of the country in a series of mini tours. The Lion I’s
have earned themselves a dedicated fan base. Once a six piece band, then up to nine piece (adding horns) the Lion I’s have settled on the  current lineup of Bruce Conaway bassist, Robert Rachelli drums, Larry Price saxes and horn arrangements, Tracy Kahanamoku guitar, Dave Price saxes, Ed Weiss trombone

"Live N Learn" is the Lion I’s  first primarily studio effort. It’s born from the geographical locations of it’s members. Think writing from mp3’s and emails with a rehearsal or two thrown in before the studio. Lion I’s distinct vocals cut confidently through to deliver the message, the perfect compliment of background vocals (a testimony to Sharon & Jade Hendrix) to the always solid, sometimes frenzied rhythm section of BC,TK, and Robert Rachelli. The horn section tops it all off in style! (Original Style).

"Live N Learn" was produced  and written by Lion I’s, recorded and mixed by Jeff Evans (Colourbox Recording) and mastered by Noah Synder (Oingo Boingo, and Danny Elfman).

Lion I’s greatly appreciates there efforts and talent.


Lion I’s began playing professionally in the late eighties and kept a busy gig calendar for the next 10 years, playing clubs, colleges, frat parties from San Diego to Chico in nor cal. Many festivals and special events happened along the way as well. The Strawberry Festival, Earth Day,  Jammin In the Canyon (with Janes Addiction), Rock The Cure, a mini tour with Steel Pulse and opening for just about every Ska/Reggae group to pass through So Cal! English Beat, Steel Pulse, Dave Wakeling, Special Beat, Bonedaddys, Cruical DBC, and many other great artists Lion I’s is fortunate to associate with.

Lion I’s latest collaboration started when the group thought it was time to due some new tunes, and why not start from scratch. Typically the band would write new tunes in there rehearsal studio
then jam them on the road until they were right a lot of that had to do with the extensive gig schedule. So why not do this by modern tech and write tunes from there heads to mp3 to playing them in the studio, then focus on content & arrangements without the gig schedule, kinda nice! So with help from everyone involved they got to “Live N Learn”. Listen to the lyric’s and music it has a message, they still here and keeping things as positive as there music has always been

“lion i”s is original style with a positive vibe and infectious groove”

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